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This evergreen is known for its silvery blue needles and is a favorite for landscape use.  Also known as Picea pun. Fat Albert.

Blue Spruce - #15 container

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Additional Fees

    • Planting fee is 50% of the original price of the tree.  Sales and discounts do not apply to delivery or planting fees.  
    • Stake kits must be purchased separately.
    • If Pinnacle Gardens Inc. or Pinnacle Landscaping Inc. is planting vegetation the delivery fee is included in the planting fee (within 15 miles).

    Customer Guarantee

    • Pinnacle Gardens Inc. will 100% guarantee all vegetation planted by Pinnacle Gardens Inc. or Pinnacle Landscaping Inc. for 90 Days from planting date (location of vegetation must provide proper water and drainage requirements). 
    • Labor and planting is not included in the replacement warranty.  
    • Tree must be staked for warranty to be in effect.
  • Delivery Rates:

    • $50 within 10 miles 
    • $75 within 15 miles
    • $100 within 20 miles
    • Deliveries of more than 20 miles must be quoted separately.
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